Parking Meters Suck

Have you ever come back to your car to discover a ticket, or worse, your car has been towed?

Yup. Me too.  Thanks Hollywood, your parking meters suck.

Anywho, if you think you’ve had a bad experience with parking meters, check this guy out.   He’s not taking this shit lying down.


Tony Stark and the Really Old Comic. Plus Captain America. A Little.

Among many things (like being kind of a dick) Daddy Stark was a comic book fan.

Take a look at this screen cap here via Superhero hype:

This is the case Tony Stark went through after the donut shop visit with Nick Fury.  In it you can see the newspaper clipping, a home movie of daddy, his journal…and whats that under the film canister?

I love easter eggs.

The comic is this issue of Captain America here:

So Tony’s father had the comic and Tony has the shield (old and busted, but still.)

The first dude and the rich dude.

BSG Meets Star Trek: TOS

Collecting props and costumes is a hobby many of us share, but it can be frustrating to find well made costumes.

Your options are usually:

Double Tanks, from "Battlestar Galactica"

A. Learn to sew, do all the research, (takes FOREVER!) buy the materials, put it all together, and then show off your goods.

B. Pay large amounts of money to have a replica made, which may or may not fit well, or have accurate materials.

So you want to skip all the bullshit and get straight to the costume?  I’m with you, now lets all go over to ANOVOS and order some frakkin’ cool BSG costumes.  ANOVOS has been around for a few years and has consistently brought the costuming world quality products.  They also have Star Trek costumes and a bunch of great badges/pins from BSG.  I’ve caught up with them at Comic-Con a few times to see their work, and it looks just like the real thing, which I’ve also seen.

Rank pins, from "Battlestar Galactica"

These guys are batshit-insane and have spent many MANY hours researching the right materials, getting the patterns right, even using the same company that the show used to re-create the costumes.  ANOVOS offers only a few runs of costumes at a time, sacrificing quantity over quality, they are fans offering other fans the products they themselves would buy.  I love these guys, and if you are looking for a badass costume next year go take a look.  You wont be sorry.

Zombie Dog!

Halloween is my favorite holiday, and creative costumes are really what it’s all about.

No more slutty nurses or cops, geeks are out there showing the world how its done and here is the best example of awesome costumes…for your dog.

Brainnnnnnns! Baconnnnnnn!


Xbox continues its limited edition series with this frakkin’ cool Star Wars Kinect bundle, complete with R2D2 console and C-3P0 controller. I like to game in style, and this will be the perfect way to let my Star Wars geek card show.

Take a look:

Star Wars Xbox 360 Bundle









This bundle is pretty cool, the only drawback is that if you already have a console and Kinect, it seems like a lot of cash to put out.  On the other hand, you could sell the old one and have R2D2 to game with, as well as all the accessories too.

Speaking of which:

The bundle includes the Xbox 360 console (R2 style,) Kinect sensor, wireless controller (C-3P0 style,) Wired Headset, Kinect Star Wars Game (Sweet!) and Kinect Adventures game (meh.)

R2D2's makeover

I suggest a new strategy, Artoo: let the Wookie win.









The release date hasn’t been announced yet, but rumors have it set between late January to early February.   You can pre-order it at pretty much all the usual game shops.

Just don’t try to pay with Republic Dataries.

Use the Force…and Kinect.

Accio iphone!

All the Gryffindor's have it.











Check out these cool iphone cases from the WBshop featuring the houses of Hogwarts.  Show your Gryffindor pride or side with Slytherin, they’ve got all four, as well as a few others from the potter verse’.

They are pretty expensive, about $45 a pop, but look pretty damn awesome. Christmas is right around the corner, maybe a stocking stuffer for your favorite Quidditch player?

The Walking Dead will Live to Bite Another Day… Season 3

Run, Rick Run!











All the drama surrounding TWD before its season 2 premiere ( remember the post Comic-Con firing of Frank Darabont?) hasn’t seemed to have affected the quality of the show as so many speculated.  Ratings have been off the charts and AMC has responded by renewing Dead for another season.

Will the rest of the season live up to expectations once we get to where Darabont left off?  Who knows, but you can bet your ass I will be on the couch Sunday nights to find out! via: AMC Walking Dead