Aliens!!! …No Not That Movie! MIB:3!

If you’ve been living under a rock then maybe you havent heard about the new Men in Black movie.  This time around we get a time traveling J who is in search of a K that no longer exists (someone changed the timeline, ohhhhhh!)  Here is a preview for all of you rock dwellers.

Now on to the REAL reason for this post: has anyone else seen the new viral campaign for Men in Black: 3?!

Check out the banner above that has been spotted around Los Angeles (and around the U.S.) at bus stops and in subway stations.

When you call you hear from a young man (going by the name of Bugeyes) who tells you about his blog and how he needs help to uncover the truth about the MIB.  He seems to be monitoring a presumed alien and again asks for help getting more information.  It looks like you can also be part of the experience and leave a message about any alien activity in your area.

People of LA, get on those phones!!!

Oh, and another cool bit about this is if you look up the Chinese place the graffiti is tagged on wusdiamondgarden you’ll be taken to a sketchy looking Chinese food website, complete with a scary looking dishes like these here:

I'll have a number two, hold the tentacles!

Wanna order some takeout?  That Fish Man Platter looks good, and only $9.95!  Call Wu’s Diamond Garden at 877.300.0040 to order, and remember that Wu’s is not responsible if food attacks or dismembers you.

This is a great bit of viral marketing, and reminds us of the Iron Man 2 site where you could apply to join Stark Industries.  BTW, did anyone ever get hired? Let us know!


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