The Breakfast of Champions!

The #1 Cereal on OA!

The #1 Cereal on OA!

We guess Kilowog’s sector of space is safer then the good ol’ 2814 (Earth, and then some!) because he’s branching out into the breakfast industry! Kilowog has created LANTERN LOOPS in honor of his beloved corps, and now you can enjoy them too!

As you can see Lantern Loops are full of the daily vitamins and minerals young Lanterns need to grow up big and strong, just like Hal Jordan! If your hungry for more green your in luck! Kilowog’s also sells Poozer Pops, Sinestro Bars, and Green Lantern cookies. (The Sinestro bars sound a little suspect.  Mint with a Lemony filling? Ewww.)

Michelle—E’ of DeviantArt created this custom box of cereal after noticing the similarity between Kilowog and Kellogg. Check out Michelle—E’s work at her DeviantArt page here.


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