Fly like its Quidditch..

For all of you wizards and witches out there, dont forget to grab your Nimbus and head on down to the Quidditch World Cup this weekend!  As a fan myself I love this grassroots-turned actual sport event.  Harry Potter fans gather to battle for the cup, and have alot of fun along the way.  The weekend event includes lots of cosplaying, great food and music, and lots of oppritunities to load up on Harry Potter stuff!

This years world cup will take place at Randall’s Island in New York.

Tickets are on sale now, if your in New York head down there!  Send us pictures!!


Xbox continues its limited edition series with this frakkin’ cool Star Wars Kinect bundle, complete with R2D2 console and C-3P0 controller. I like to game in style, and this will be the perfect way to let my Star Wars geek card show.

Take a look:

Star Wars Xbox 360 Bundle









This bundle is pretty cool, the only drawback is that if you already have a console and Kinect, it seems like a lot of cash to put out.  On the other hand, you could sell the old one and have R2D2 to game with, as well as all the accessories too.

Speaking of which:

The bundle includes the Xbox 360 console (R2 style,) Kinect sensor, wireless controller (C-3P0 style,) Wired Headset, Kinect Star Wars Game (Sweet!) and Kinect Adventures game (meh.)

R2D2's makeover

I suggest a new strategy, Artoo: let the Wookie win.









The release date hasn’t been announced yet, but rumors have it set between late January to early February.   You can pre-order it at pretty much all the usual game shops.

Just don’t try to pay with Republic Dataries.

Use the Force…and Kinect.